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Avengers star Jeremy Renner hangs off truck in India, photo goes viral

Jeremy Renner is currently in India. He is best recognised for his role as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Over the previous several days, the actor has been posting photos from Alwar and Delhi on social media, as well as being sighted filming alongside Anil Kapoor. He’s in the nation to film Rennervations for Disney+. Jeremy posted a new series of photos from his India visit on Wednesday and Thursday, showing him hanging from a truck and gazing at a house lizard.

On Wednesday, Jeremy shared a blurry photo of himself hanging off a motionless vehicle while smiling at the camera on Instagram Stories. He tweeted a short video of a house lizard at a window earlier in the day, writing, “Today started with very good luck.” Seeing a lizard is considered a sign of good fortune in various parts of India, for those who are unaware.

Over the years, Jeremy has appeared in a number of critically acclaimed and monetarily successful films. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is best known for playing Clint Barton, or Hawkeye, in all of the Avengers films and the latest web series Hawkeye.

On Wednesday, several fans and users on social media uploaded photos and videos of Jeremy and Anil Kapoor shooting in Rajasthan. In Alwar, the two presumably shot for Rennervations. Jeremy had previously uploaded a photo of himself playing cricket with some children in Alwar, as well as a video stating that he was in India filming Rennervations.

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