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Brain dead 6-year-old saves 5 lives through organ donation

In a heart-warming gesture, a 6-year-old girl has given life to five people in AIIMS. With this, Roli Prajapati became the youngest organ donor in the history of Delhi AIIMS. This innocent girl was shot in the head by unknown assailants in Noida after which she went into a coma. The doctors later declared her brain dead. After this, Roli’s parents decided to donate their daughter’s organs.

Dr Deepak Gupta, Senior Neuro Surgeon of AIIMS told news agency ANI that on April 27, the 6 and a half year old Roli was brought to the hospital with shot in the head that had damaged the entire part. She reached the hospital in brain dead condition. After that doctors started her treatment.


On request of the doctors, the child’s family agreed to donate her organs. After this, Roli’s parents agreed for organ donation, five of her organs – liver, kidney, cornea and heart valve were donated to different people. AIIMS doctors applauded Roli’s parents for their decision to donate their innocent child’s organs.

Talking to ANI about his daughter’s organ donation, Roli’s father Harnarayan Pratjapati said that, Dr Deepak Gupta told them about organ donation and said that their child can save other people’s lives. “Dr Gupta and his team counselled us for organ donation that our child could save other lives. We thought about it and decided that she would be alive in other people’s lives and give others reason to smile.”

At the same time, Roli’s mother got emotional and said that her daughter may have gone but she managed to give life to others.

In a similar case, last year, a 20-month-old toddler became the youngest cadaver donor by saving five lives. Dhanishtha fell down while playing in her house and fainted. She was immediately brought to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi. But despite all efforts by the doctors, there was no improvement and she was declared brain dead. However, all her other organs were working in excellent condition.

The parents took the decision of saving other lives by donating their child’s organs and thus five lives could be saved.

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