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Bride breaks down after receiving wax statue of her late father as a gift.


  • A brother surprised his sister with a wax statue of their late father on her wedding.
  • The video of the same was posted on YouTube.
  • The viral clip has divided the internet.

If you are surrounded with the love of your parents in life, you should count yourselves among the lucky ones always. You must be thinking why we are talking about this all of a sudden. To answer your query, we must tell you that a video has surfaced online that has moved the internet to tears. So, a brother gave a surprise to his sister at her wedding. And let us tell you that it was far from usual. He gifted a wax statue of their late father to his sister and we must warn you to keep tissues nearby

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A man from Warangal gifted his sister a wax statue of their late father at her wedding. While the bride made an entry with her mother, husband and the rest of the family, she spotted the almost lifelike figure in front of her. She immediately broke down and even her mother couldn’t hold back her tears. The bride gave a sweet kiss to her father’s figure and went through all the rituals in his presence. In the over 3-minute clip, almost everyone can be seen with moist eyes.

Watch the video here:

The video garnered over 11k views after being shared online. However, the internet was quite divided over it. While a section of people found it extremely emotional, others found it downright creepy. Some people even called it traumatising and asked where the statue would be kept after the wedding.

“This is so emotional and sweet of that brother. The loss of a parent is incomparable,” a user wrote.


Another user commented, “A very bad idea. There’s a reason why we let the dead stay dead. What will happen to the statue now? Lock it up in a room? This is traumatizing for everyone. Poor wife. Did nobody think about her? She looks dumbfounded. 20 minutes of happiness will ruin YEARS of healing.”

A third user remarked, “Genuinely curious what they would do with it after the wedding? Keep it locked in a room? Keep it in the hall for him to stare at you? Stick a wick on top and use it as a candle when the power goes out? I need answers.”

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