Difference between the Process Control and Industrial Automation?

Difference between the Process Control and Industrial Automation?

Difference between the Process Control and Industrial Automation?

In this technology world, Process control and industrial automation both are important components. The main difference between these is the use of their range. The control process enables the range of the automation to be small. But the industrial automation used for a large range.

Industrial Automation

The controlling system of an industrial machine is industrial automation. industrial automation handles the component of the control system. And it also handles the machinery used in this and the software system of the machine. By the handling of these things, then the machine working properly.

There are so many advantages of using this industrial automation. We discussed already in the previous article. Some of the advantages include high productivity within the time, high-quality product, flexibility, accurate information.

Importance of industrial automation and its benefits

In this industrial world, technology is changing every time. With these new technologies, we can increase the quality of the product and the high level of productivity. Industrial automation solves the requirement of companies.

  • Decrease direct human labor costs and expenses
  • Productivity increases
  • increase consistency of product
  • delivery of quality products
  • improved safety
  • remove monitoring
  • increased labor productivity
  • improved product quality

Examples of industrial automation are,

  • Filmless x-ray inspection machine
  • Flexible manufacturing systems
  • Turnkey automated swage machine
  • Lean production systems

Process Control

Process control is similar to industrial automation. it is connected with the algorithm system and the engineering system. This enables the small range automation.

The types of process controls are, discrete, batch, and continuous. These all have the best relation to each other for the use of the equipment.

It is the ability to monitor and make the process give a proper output. In Industry is used to improve performance and quality maintenance.

Importance of Process Control and its benefits

  • Increase system production without extra expenditures
  • Increase automation, decrease human intervention
  • Removing the scrap and inefficiencies
  • raise your capabilities to take on more work
  • Increase energy efficiency

The process control work with the use of software and the products. Some of those are,

  • Process control software

Process control software is important to any process control system. It is used in every industrial process. These platforms are customized to fit the needs of larger industrial plants and manufacturers. If u run a small company, then that owner takes the pre-built platform. Or if you have a large company, you may make or prefer hiring software engineers to built custom process control software.

  • Process control instrumentation

It is mostly used in small-scale manufacturing factories. One or more computer monitors, providing outputs, information about every system and its process. Based on process control, the information is real-time information. in large and complex industries, uses the different types of process control instrumentation.

  • Sensors and monitoring systems

The sensors and the monitoring are important to any process control system.

  • Analytics and data warehousing systems

The data warehousing collects all data by the process control system, which is used for long-term work. Long-term data analytics used to increase the efficiency of process control systems.

Applications of Process control are,

  • Nuclear power plant control rods
  • Chemical action
  • Cooking of a meat product

The hierarchy of the process automation system is as follows,

  • Plant management
  • Production scheduling & control
  • Plant supervisory control level
  • Direct process control level

Industrial automation is focused on developing the process of goods manufacturing or production produced in the organization. Maintaining high quality and consistency with reducing the cost.

Process automation involves automating desk jobs ranging from customer arrangement.