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Elections Or Covid-19: Varun Gandhi On Priorities; Questions Night Curfew Logic

Varun Gandhi, a BJP MP, cited a Centre’s note to criticize the decision of some states, including Uttar Pradesh, to implement night curfews to fight Covid-19 and said it should be decided whether our priority is to contain the disease or to display strength during elections.

He says that policymakers should lead from the front in order to inspire the general public to stay at home.

He added, “Imposing curfew in the night after assembling lakhs of people for rallies in the day defies the common man’s wisdom”, on criticizing the night curfew decision.

Given Uttar Pradesh’s limited health infrastructure, it must be decided honestly whether the priority is to contain the dangerous Omicron variant of coronavirus or to indulge in a power show during voting, he said.

Varun Gandhi noted that maximum transmission occurs during the day because there are fewer people on the road at night, and he called for restricting social gatherings that could result in Covid-19 clusters.

He quoted a note to the Maharashtra government, which stated that measures such as night curfews and weekend lockdowns have a very limited impact on controlling or suppressing the transmission.

“Hence the administration should focus on strict and effective containment strategy,” it had said.

Varun Gandhi called for a holistic strategy.

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