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Father’s Day 2022: Why is this special day celebrated every year

A father is one of the biggest support systems that any child could ever have in his/her life. He is someone who will always lend you a shoulder to cry on and take on all responsibilities to ensure your well-being in life.

Despite playing such crucial roles in our lives, we often forget to make them feel special. As we celebrate Father’s Day today, it is important to know why is this special day observed every year.


History of Father’s Day

The day that we now call ‘Father’s Day’ was first celebrated in the United States on July 5, 1908. On this day, hundreds of men lost their lives in a mining mishap.

Thereafter, Grace Golden, who was the daughter of a dedicated minister proposed to organise a service for all the dead men who couldn’t be saved in the tragic incident.

After several years, another girl named Sonora Smart Dodd wanted to honour her dead father, William Jackson Smart and so she suggested the idea of observing Father’s Day. The girl’s father was a civil war veteran who raised her along with her five siblings as a single parent.

After completing her education, Dodd started promoting the idea of Father’s Day at a national level. However, the day became increasingly popular in the year 1972. During this year, former US President Richard Nixon signed a declaration. Thereon, people started observing every third Sunday of the month of June as Father’s Day every year.

Here’s how you can celebrate Father’s Day

While most people celebrate father’s day by giving gifts and flowers to their fathers. This year, you can give a gift that they’ll cherish forever! Yes, you read that right. To make their day extra special, you should definitely spend some quality time with them. Watch the movies or go to the mall, spending those little moments with the man who loves you the most will be more memorable than any gifts ever.

Having said that, handmade gifts or cards will always have a special corner in every father’s heart, so do try them too.


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