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Here Are 5 Different Ways To Eat Pizza; 3 Million Views For Funny Video

There is no food more universally loved than a pizza. A delicious breaded base is covered with a hearty tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, your favorite toppings, and a drizzle of oregano seasoning! Depending on where we are in the world, we can find different regional variations of pizza. For instance, Restaurants in India have created a delicious pizza with Paneer Tikka on it. However, did you know that there are various ways to eat pizza? A recent viral video shows the 5 different ways to eat pizza, and the clip only gets funnier as it goes on.

Watch Eating Pizza Video Here

The video was shared on Instagram Reels by the handle @lionelfieldmusic, which is managed by Emiliano and Matteo, a musician duo. They describe themselves as musicians by day and ‘pasta protectors’ at night. Since it was shared, the video has received over 3.1 million views and 270k likes.

To begin, the viral video showed the ‘normal’ way to eat pizza, which was to hold it in one’s hand and bite into it. Then they demonstrated the ‘New York’ style, which was to fold the pizza in half and eat it. This method was also approved by the duo. Then they showed the ‘Psycho’ method of eating pizza, which was, to begin with, the crust. In the end, ‘The Correct Way’ was demonstrated: rolling up the pizza and eating it with the crust on the outside and the toppings on the inside!

The funny video garnered lots of reactions and comments from Instagram users. “Italian police got to him before he was able to do the 5th way,” wrote one user. “Why did everyone torture pizza so much? #PizzaLivesMatter,” joked another one. Some also said that they would rather eat pizza with a fork and knife.

This is not the first time the musician duo’s videos have gone viral. They frequently share amusing reactions to bizarre cooking videos that creators share online. They recently reacted to a video of pasta cooked with blueberries and milk.

What did you think of this funny pizza-eating video? Which method of eating pizza is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

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