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Industrial automation courses and its topics

Industrial automation courses        

The industrial automation course provides the understanding of service automation technologies are an improvement, and how they can be applied for business value, digital transformation efforts to help bring about these optimizations.

The course details of industrial automation

In industrial automation, there is no availability of undergraduate degree courses. The engineering branches such as

  • Mechatronics engineering,
  • Robotics engineering,
  • Mechanical engineering and
  • Control engineering course deals with the automated vehicles used in the industries. Here the programming language is used. and some of the universities and institutes provide some automation certification courses for engineering graduates.

Certification courses of industrial automation

This program certificate is provided by the international society of automation (ISA). So, the engineering graduates build their careers in industrial automation.

The main aim of the course is to develop the safety of the workers there is no compromising productivity and return on investment. It gives the learners certificate and enables them as leaders of automation in the industry.

Industrial Automation course is a four-year degree course with a minimum of five years of experience or with a two-year course with ten years of minimum experience.

The main topics involved in the automation course are as follows,

  • Building automation and software
  • Motor and drive control and motion control
  • Advanced process control
  • In the industry, there are a safety process  and safety systems
  • Industrial networks
  • Reliability and alarm management
  • Operator training
  • System testing and long term support
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of systems

The recognition program associate with CAP

It is specially designed for no working experience engineers. so it teaches everything in a more detailed way. This one is also offered by the ISA(International Society of automation).


Industrial automation courses in diploma and post-diploma

Industrial automation in diploma

If you interested to join in industrial automation you can join the diploma course after completing the SSC(10th) examination. By this, in all automation courses, the candidate got minimum marks in the SSLC examination is required.

Industrial automation in Post diploma

The post-diploma industrial automation eligibility criteria is an undergraduate degree (BE/BTECH) in a recognized university. The candidate who completed their MSc in instrumentation or electronics or industrial electronics are also eligible to apply to this post.


The course syllabus for industrial automation is,

1.Industrial Drives

2.Industrial data communications

3.PLC and PID controllers

4.Measurements using industrial field instruments

5.supervisory control and data acquisition system(SCADA)

6.Human-machine interface system(HMI)

7.Process plant control and automation system design

8.Distributed control system(DCS)

9.Engineering concepts and automation system integration

10.programmable automation controllers(PAC)

11.Project work


Industrial automation Jobs

The industrial automation knowledge of engineers hired for the role of PLC programmer, embedded design engineer, automation test engineer, SCADA engineer, automation engineer, controls engineer, and industrial engineer.

The salary for this job around INR 3 lakhs per year. If you have any experience, the salary goes up to 6 lakhs per year. The PLC programmer has high demand and paid higher in the industrial market.

Automation courses and projects are,

  • Google IT automation with python
  • Software testing and automation
  • Machine learning
  • Implementing RPA with cognitive automation and analytics
  • Making the case for robotic process automation
  • Introduction, programming with IOT boards
  • Introduction to embedded systems and development environments
  • IBM full-stack cloud developer
  • To interact with the operating system by using Python
  • Continuous delivery and DevOps
  • Building test framework using selenium and TestNG
  • Postman – Intro to APIs (without coding)
  • Elastic google cloud infrastructure: Scaling and automation
  • Automation scripts using bash
  • Creating first automation script using selenium and java
  • API testing using a test automation tool
  • Building test automation framework-selenium, C#&NUnit
  • Executing Selenium test automation with Azure DevOps
  • Linux automation using bash scripting
  • Imagery, automation, and applications

Industrial Automation course Details

Advance training in automation and control engineering

Advance Diploma in automation and control engineering

Postgraduate diploma in automation and control engineering

Advance Siemens training certification

Certified plc programmer

Certified DCS engineer

Certified VFD commissioning and programmer

Certified diploma in industrial electrician

Certified electrical maintenance, testing, inspection


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