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Instagram Subscriptions Feature Spotted in India, Allows Users to Pay for Exclusive Content

Instagram recently began testing paid subscriptions with a few content creators and influencers in the United States, allowing them to charge their followers a monthly fee in exchange for exclusive content, live videos, stories, and a purple badge next to their username to indicate they are subscribed when they interact with the creator. While the paid subscriptions feature is now only available to a few content creators in the US, it has now been noticed in India with pricing tiers to subscribe to some content providers in local currency.

Instagram is giving the opportunity to subscribe to select creator accounts, according to screenshots supplied by Twitter user Salman Memon (@salman memon 7). The subscription pricing is listed in rupees, with three different prices per month — Rs. 89, Rs. 440, and Rs. 890. According to a report, paid subscriptions in the United States will cost between $0.99 (roughly Rs. 74) and $99.99 (about Rs. 7400) every month.

The app also displays purple badges next to a username, as well as details on what users are entitled to, such as subscribers-only stories and exclusive live videos, in addition to the previously mentioned subscriber badge. In India, there is currently no way for creators to set up an account to receive paid subscriptions. “For now, Subscriptions will be available in the US only, but we hope to make Subscriptions available to more markets soon,” an Instagram spokesperson.

Meanwhile, rival TikTok recently stated that it was working on paid subscriptions, which would allow video-sharing platform creators to monetize their content. The feature will complement the opportunity to tip TikTok creators while also allowing them to earn a consistent income. Twitter also introduced Super Follows last year, which allows users to share subscriber-only content with their followers on the service, such as “behind-the-scenes” content, early previews, and subscriber-only conversations (for tweets).

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