Multi-touch Technology in Industrial Automation

Multi-touch Technology in Industrial Automation

Multi-touch Technology in Industrial Automation

Multi-touch technology is perfect for industrial automation. For checking emails for work, accessing corporate data are done by mobiles instead of a computer system. This type of HMI brings industrial automation through multi-touch technology. These HMI systems offer unique advantages.

For controlling systems and machine operations,  we are using touch panels. Previously operating devices use keypads and buttons. Now that is replaced with Versatile touch screens.

It is used to make interaction much faster and helps to remove operating errors by ease a clear arrangement of buttons and provide detailed information.

In traditional touch screen applications using only single touch for accessing multiple screens. The multi-touch screen offers several added advantages to conventional touchscreens.

The Multi-touch systems recognize the several touches and finger movements at the same time. Multi-touch technology helps the users to operate the system without a pointing device.

Industrial touch screens

Manufacturing industries are demanding environments that are tough on equipment. These environments require equipment on the manufacturing floor. The equipment needs to be reliable, robust, and easy to operate.  Here the productivity and adoption making more efficient.

The replacing equipment cost impact operations and profitability. The equipment should have a long lifespan, reducing time.

Advantage of Touch screen

The touch screens address the challenges such as efficiency improvement, equipment maintenance.

These touch interfaces are used by manufacturing and distribution facilities depends on interfaces to removing errors. The  interfaces allow to controlling devices and with a touch an icon and to simplifying the processes and operations and improving efficiencies.

Touch screen displays using shadow sense technology, It offers the best and most reliable solution available for applications in industrial applications.

The applications are, customizable,durable,driverless interface,IP sealable,Ambient light immunity,fast,accurate,repeatable,liquid rejection,input agnostic,frame based design.

By multi-touch technology improved ergonomics, reduction of operator levels, avoidance of false tripping with the two-hand operation, much more intuitive operator guidance, new dimensions when designing innovative user interactions.

Multi-touch technology benefits include,

  • Time and cost reduction
  • 3 times faster
  • Enhances remote functionality
  • Robust
  • Secure
  • Delivers superior visualization
  • Easy to use

Multi-touch technology is ideal for industrial automation because of the following are,


2.Automated diagnosis of possible problems

  1. Automating the safety measures

4.Inherently suited for industrial conditions

5.Lowering training time and costs

6.Low implementation costs

Drawbacks of Multi-touch technology

• Difficult to select small items
• It requires a larger screen
• Touch screen interfaces require eyes to be always on the screen.
• It requires proximity of the users to use it.
• These are expensive as technology. Support several contact points and has to sense each touch.
• Difficult to be operated on for the visually impaired. Some ways to know where to touch are needed.
How Does a multi-touch screen work?
The multi-touch technology works in coincidence with an ASIC sensor that is fixed on the device’s surface. Multi-touch is an interface technology that enables inputs through pressure and gestures on multiple points on the surface of a device.

Types of touch screen technologies

• 5-Wire resistive
• Surface capacitive
• Projected capacitive
• SAW(Surface Acoustic Wave)
• Infrared

To create the perfect multi-user multi-touch application, you need to consider the type of product.

Tips for the perfect application are,

• Value reactivity and robustness
• Design for specific hardware
• Put the user in control
• Go native
• Integrate into your IT ecosystem
• Be internet independent
• Wash, rinse, repeat
• Rely on your service provider

Difference between Single-touch and Multi-touch

Some of the touch screen devices support single touch and some are multi-touch support. But the technology is the same to reach the user via touch. In the early years of touch screen technology includes only single touch functions.

Actually, the user wants to perform fast actions at a time with a command. So multi-touch technology is implemented.

In multi-touch technology, simultaneous touch-based commands are supported. You may better understand, if you want to zoom the screen, you can use two fingers to enlarge the screen or double-tap the screen.

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