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“Sweetness For The Soul”: Inside Karisma Kapoor’s Food Diaries

Today, no one can stop Karisma Kapoor from indulging in some delicious biscuits. Why? The actress recently received a box of delightful biscuits and can’t stop talking about them. Karisma is a foodie at heart. She enjoys good food, whether it’s a dessert bowl, a snack, or a delicious savory meal. The actress uploaded a video in which she is seen drooling over a box of rectangular biscuits. The biscuits appear to be crispy and crunchy. As if the sight of these delectable biscuits wasn’t enough to make us drool, Karisma’s caption made us jealous. She thanked pastry chef Pooja Dhingra and wrote, “Sweetness for the soul. These are so yummy. Thanks, Pooja Dhingra.”

When it comes to good meals, Karisma Kapoor isn’t alone. When they need to dive into a food feast, her sister, actress Kareena Kapoor, teams up with her. The two sisters began the new year with slurpy dessert bowls. We see them enjoying the dessert with strawberries slices.

's Food Diaries

Karisma Kapoor can go to any extent to prove what a big foodie she is. How? Recently, the actress shared quite a funky post where she is seen eating biryani. Karisma captioned the video, “I don’t do boyfriends…I do biryani.” She is making her priorities known to us and we can totally relate to her love for biryani.

What does Karisma Kapoor eat for breakfast? Maybe boiled eggs and toast? No. It’s pizza. The diva let us in on her “pizza for breakfast kinda morning.” And we couldn’t stay calm. What a way to start the day.

So, comment us your opinions on Karisma Kapoor’s food tales?

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