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Top Industrial Automation Companies

Top Industrial Automation Companies

Industrial automation companies use control systems, which can help to complete a particular process. With these automation machines, labor usage will be reduced and enhance the quality. so many industries are using this automation such as mechanical, airplanes, hydraulics, etc.

The automation machines, capable to do operate in dangerous situations. That’s why automation companies got the best place in industries.

The best industrial automation companies are,


In Europe, Siemens is one of the largest engineering companies. The main activities of this company include energy, infrastructure, automobile, and industry. It stands for engineering excellence, reliability, and innovation.

The energy-related products in Siemens include gas and steam turbines, generators, compressors, wind turbines, direct and alternating transmission systems, high voltage switching products, and power automation products.

The medical products in Siemens are clinical information technology systems, hearing instruments, imaging equipment including angiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, x-ray equipment.

The transportation and logistics-related products of Siemens are equipment and systems for rail transportation including rail vehicles for mass transit, regional and long-distance transportation, equipment and systems for rail electrification, interlocking, and central control systems, traffic detection, information and guidance, systems, and equipment for airport logistics, etc.


ABB is one of the leading technological and automation companies. It provides digitally allowed and connected industrial appliances and systems. This company is popular for manufacturing robotics. ABB is operated in more than 100 countries. It including the industries such as aluminum, automotive, infrastructure, chemical, cement, food and beverage, oil and gas, OEM.

The product range of ABB

Control room solutions


High voltage products

Low voltage products and systems

Measurement and analytics

Mechanical power transmission products

Medium voltage products

3.Emerson process management

It is an American multinational company that focuses on electrical equipment. The services are provided to industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. and it provides automation services to empower industries.

Automation solutions EPM includes,

Measurement instrumentation
Control and safety systems
Valves, actuators, and regulators
Operations and business management
Asset management
Services and consulting

4.Rockwell automation

It is one of the top industrial automation companies. It is operated in more than 80 countries. The main focus of this company is on architecture and software segments.

The Rockwell automation products are,

Advanced process control
Drive systems
Design and operations software
Human-machine interface
Industrial network products and control products
Motion control
Condition monitoring and Input/Output

5.Schneider electric

It is a French-based MNC. It is specialized in energy management and automation systems by providing software and hardware.

The technologies and solutions are to manage processes and energy. By this, these are safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable.

Busway and cable management
Circuit breakers and switches
Contactors & Protection Relays
Load banks
Energy Management software solutions
Power monitoring and control

6. Honeywell process solutions

It will produce different types of commercial and consumer products. It is an American-based company. It offers services in aerospace engineering.

Honeywell process solutions products are,

Advanced software
Terminal operations
Control, monitoring, and safety systems
Energy and emissions management
Gas measurement and regulation

7.Mitsubishi electric

It is a Japanese electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing company. And it is a multinational company. This company uses its advanced engineering techniques at the time of manufacturing. This company is a supplier to other automation companies.

It will provide

Drive Products
Visualization’industrial robots
Power monitoring products

8.Yokogawa electric

It is a Japanese electrical and software-based company. It will combine the best technology with engineering services, project management, and maintenance. This is a leading provider of industrial automation and test and measurement solutions. It will deliver the product of safety, reliability, efficiency, and quality.

The products include,

Oxygen analyzers
Manufacturing execution
Automatic control systems

9.Omron automation

This is one of the top industrial automation companies. It is established 80 years ago. It includes the manufacture and sale of automated equipment and systems.

This company offers,

Safety components
Danaher industrial ltd

It will produce designs for industrial and consumer products and manufactures them.

It offers the services are,

In the field of life science
Testing and control

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