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Video of man paragliding with vulture goes viral, leaves internet amazed

A video of a black vulture calmly flying with a paraglider has gone viral on social media and has left netizens amazed.

In the video, one can see the black vulture flying with a paraglider at a height of thousands of feet. The vulture is then seen landing on the paraglider’s feet and biting into the person’s shoes as the glider starts caressing it.

The viral video has been viewed more than 15.2 million times. The 37-second clip has been posted by Twitter user Paul Nelson. The location has not been revealed though.

The video has been shot from a height of thousands of feet, and lush green forests and buildings can be seen below.

Watch the viral video here:


The video was originally shared by another Twitter user – @_Art4you – on June 4.

Reacting to the video, Twitter users have posted their comments.

One of the users pointed out that there is actually an activity called ‘parahawking’ where one has to paraglide with falcons. In this adventure sports, the birds are trained to ride with paragliders, the user added.

Another user commented, “Magical. Peak life. Could not ever have a better experience,” while another one wrote, “That is a once in a lifetime event. That is amazing.”


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