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“Was Tortured For My Surgery For Three Long Years,” Says Actor Koena Mitra


Actor Koena Mitra, in a recent interview with AajTak, opened up about the time she got plastic surgery done. She said that she was “tortured” for three years for her surgery.

Koena told Aaj Tak: “When I came to the industry, I was not aware of the modalities here. I didn’t know that you shouldn’t talk openly about your surgery. Somebody asked me, so I told them yes, I had surgery done. After that, it was as if the whole world was after me. For three consecutive years, I was tortured because of my surgery. There were so many negative things going on about me constantly on the news. Because of this, many people from the industry kept their distance from me, which also affected my work.”

During the interview, the actress declared that she has no regrets about having plastic surgery and added, I have never regretted having surgery and will never regret it. Whatever it was, it was entirely my choice. I don’t understand why other people are so upset over it. My face, my life, whatever I do, what do others have to do with it?

The 38-year-old actress added, When people called to console me and said, ‘you are very brave, don’t pay attention to all this,’ I couldn’t help but giggle. But no one came forward in front of the media to show their support for me. It’s very painful that you stand up for your special people yet are cautious to talk about outsiders like us.

Ram Gopal Varma’s Road was Koena Mitra’s Bollywood debut. To mention a few, she has appeared in films such as Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, Apna Sapna Money Money, and Musafir. She has appeared on tracks such as Saki Saki and Dil Mein Baji Guitar.

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