What are the alternatives involved in process automation

What are the alternatives involved in process automation

What are the alternatives involved in process automation

What are the alternatives involved in process automation

Automating the production system is pretty high. Robotics manufacturing made serious challenges. Some of the automation projects fail. In some country factories, we see the expensive machines are inactive or used at a fraction of their capacity.

The automation alternatives offer laser processing equipment in two main categories, Metallic material processing systems, Non-metallic material processing systems

Metallic material processing systems use fiber laser technology. it includes laser cutting, marking systems in different sizes, welding, etc. and nonmetallic material processing systems use CO2 and other technologies and it includes laser powers, cutting marking, etc.


The process  automation alternatives are,

  • Liquid dispensing system

Unique liquid dispensing is one of the automation alternative equipment. it is very much used in several industries.  it is from medical device and electronics manufacturing to automotive manufacturing. This includes machine design, special features, interfaces, and controls.

The flexible and powerful dispensing system is FlexDispense systems. And it is a valuable tool in many industries.

A specially designed system is the FlexSeal system. it is a unique system for solar modules for edge sealing. It has a high capability in handling extremely high materials used in the solar module manufacturing industry.

  • Go for high mix, low volume orders

High mix and low volume orders mean you are in a good position to get business from customers. The other countries factory has a more manual process than the average American or European workshop.

In advanced high-tech process automation, their costly equipment is used for making large batches, but economical lot size is much higher.  Changing one type of product to the next is generally takes a long time. And they want long runs of similar products.

  • Re-engineer your processes for higher productivity

If you want to increase the efficiency you need to be re-engineered the current process. Some of the factories are without any investment, increased output by 30% while reducing man-hours by 20% more.

To improve logistics around the line, you will hire an industrial engineer. So people don’t have to get u[ and look for the parts. Improves the layout of the production line. So that parts required in the workstation are easy to reach the operator. Introducing faster fixtures and error-proof the process. The training is a must for the operators and their group leader. So they understand the benefits and so they buy into the new setup.

By this re-engineering project, what will happen in 4-5 months is, Reducing rework from 1-0.3 people on average, reduce the turnover from 60% to 20% a year and the operators are motivated after training and could contribute their own ideas.

In this process, the waste can be removed. It is an example of high efficient line layout.

  • Laser contract manufacturing

The automation alternatives providing laser contract manufacturing. It introducing at the time of laser processing equipment to the market. There is also covers laser processing. Laser contract manufacturing makes marking, welding, and cutting for both metallic and nonmetallic.

  • Semi-automated processes

The machines and equipment are provided semi-automated or user operations, the semi-automation increases productivity. The job function of workers is easier and faster than before. Some of the people can do the same amount of work. the employees are decreased by this semi-automated process.

Full process automation projects are,

Investment is much lower. And it can be done in phases, increase over time. The factory needs an experienced and creative tooling specialist.

  • Find an automated factory and subcontract to them

If you have high volume orders, low mix, then you can subcontract them to the manufacturer who is purchasing expensive equipment. If they invested massively, they are more careful with the contracts they signature.

Flexible automation

Flexible automation is quick for a robot or system to be rapidly and easily re-tasked to change product design for both low and high mix formulating.

Features of business process management softwares

  • Business process modeling
  • Form builder
  • Workflow engine
  • Role-based access control
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Process engine